The Story

Sixteen-year-old Grace Taylor doesn’t exist. Not since surviving the car accident that killed her mother and ended her promising dancing career. Everyone else has moved on; Grace just wants to disappear.

Ambitious Julian Grey accepts the ultimate challenge: the temptation of a soul that has already resisted another demon - an Untouchable. He has seven days to win Grace’s soul by whatever means it takes, or face his own destruction. Failure is unthinkable – but her touch entices him, revealing disturbing memories of his human life, and long-forgotten feelings. If this wasn’t bad enough, fellow-demon Anaris interferes with Julian’s mission and traps another soul – that of Grace’s best friend, Ashleigh.

As the stakes increase, Grace has to make the biggest decision of her life. Does she step from the shadows to tempt the Tempters in a game where there is everything to lose, or does she let her loved ones pay the ultimate price?

Seven days. One soul. No rules.

Not another paranormal romance!

‘Bedevilled’ is much more thriller than romance, with a slight historical twist. It’s actually based on a philosophical idea called Prisoner’s dilemma. No one wants to lose everything, so the question is - just how far will each of them go to ‘win’ this game? 

The Author

English teacher by day, novelist by night.

I’m just finishing my MA in Writing for Performance and Publication, and it’s probably been the steepest learning curve of my life! Bedevilled has been a huge part of this, and is infiltrating every waking moment - to the point where I’m building a mini ‘theatre set’ of Grace’s world. My long-suffering husband is currently making a parquet floor so that these imaginary characters can trample over it on their way into the kitchen. He’s firm. No high heels allowed!

We’re often found bobbing around the inland waterways of England on our narrowboat ‘Honey’. As the licenced radio operator on board, I make the most of being referred to by the boat’s name (’Hello Honey! This is X,Y,Z Lock. I’m ready for you now. Over.’). At my age, you take any compliment you can get!

Other hobbies include driving around roundabouts too many times during car karaoke sessions, chicken keeping in a city garden and ballroom dancing along the towpath.