July 31, 2012

Checking in

I’m having huge fun with the research this week. I’m rambling around all manner of books on demonology to justify Julian coming together as the character he is. As he’s not a Biblical, nor a strictly mythological being, it’s actually becoming rather fun to work out what exactly he is and what has shaped him to be that way - especially when there’s a human element of him to contend with too.

It’s quite a challenge to have to justify myself and my decisions for him in such detail. On the one hand I’m having fun and enjoying telling the story, which is what it’s all about. On the other, there is a real sense that if I’m building a new mythology, I’ve got to have it plotted through very, very thoroughly or I’ll end up in an almighty mess! The fact that I’ve been working so closely with screenwriters and dramatists has made a massive, massive difference to the way I’m approaching things now. I’m much more precise about the details, about the movements, about when to cut a scene than I’ve ever been before.

This is all getting exciting now. I’ve done the pitch, I’ve researched the YA market (thanks to various authors, literary agents and publishers who kindly put up with my questions) and the story is coming out. It feels good! Hopefully have some rewritten bits for the main site soon. It’s all happening now! Eeek!

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July 25, 2012


First up, I’d like to say a massive ‘Thank you!’ to the lovely Mel for such a gorgeous website and to Cal for bringing Julian and Grace to life. You’ve been brilliant and I love what you’ve done.

This site is aimed to follow the book from the writing of it to (hopefully) publication and beyond. Updates will happen more regularly on the run-up to Christmas and beyond. Meanwhile, if you want to know what I’m up to in real life, head on over to Facebook or Twitter (Use the contact form or email me, if you don’t know where to find me). 

For now, I’ve got to settle in and fiund out what all the buttons in the site’s control panel do. Mostly, I’m worried about finding the ‘DO NOT PRESS THIS’ one and having this irresistible urge to wonder ‘What if...?’


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